Weather for Our Area

Current and Extended Forecast for Malaga area

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What's the Average Weather Like?

The Costa del Sol can expect to get rain on just 52 days of the year (in an average year) – and 80% of the rainfall is concentrated in just seven months: October-April (40 out of 52 days). It is unusual to get more than 2-3 days of rain in a row. Normally, the sun is out again after 1-2 days. We don't get those days and days of dreary cloudy weather that the UK and much of Norther Europe does. In fact we get around 300 days of sunshine a year:

Average number of sunny and rainy days:

Averages sunshine figures



Average Maximum and Minimum Temperatures:

The weather is rather mild throughout the winter, but can get quite hot in the summer months. You should note, however, that the temperatures vary more significantly once you head inland. It is not unusual to leave the coast on a winter's morning where the temperature might be 15C and find it is only 6-7C when you arrive in an inland area an hour later. Similarly, in the summer, it could be 4-5 degrees hotter inland than down at the coast. The average monthly temperatures for the Malaga-Marbella area can be seen in the chart below:

Average temperatures