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Our Rides

We offer a wide variety of riding opportunities and are happy to discuss your preferences when you book with us. To wet your appetite, here are a few of our most popular treks.

Camino de Cristobal

Available all year round morning or evening app 2hrs. A wonderful introduction to the countryside around Casarabonela, the views are truly breathtaking so a camera is a must.

COST: 75 euros per person

White Village Tour

Our white village tour is app 4 hours, Through rolling countryside with endless views, where the giant Eagles soar in the gentle breeze, stopping at a local Spanish village where we can take a break at a small bar. Here we can dismount to buy tapas and drinks before setting off back to the ranch.

COST: 120 euros per person (minimum of two people)

The Bandit Route to El Burgo

This is one of our finest excursions that involves a full day of horseback riding, taking the "El Camino Romano" the old Roman road which is 2000 years old, with spectacular views and endless open countryside, stopping for lunch in the small white village of El Burgo

Full Day Trek (app 6/8 hours)

A chance to go even further afield into the stunning countryside and nearer to those beautiful Patano del Chorro, Spanish lakes. Out in the campo you never know what you might come across, so bring the camera. The scenery is spectacular in any direction. You can bring your own lunch (we provide saddlebags) or we can call for tapas and drinks at a local village – or we can combine both options.

COST: 180 euros per person (minimum of 2 people)

Sunset Tour

At certain times of the year the sunsets are particularly spectacular in this part of Spain and we organise an evening ride to a viewpoint to make the most of it. This ride lasts app 2hrs and you can watch the light changing through reds and golds with amazing charcoal grey and black cloud formations – don't forget the camera!

COST: 75 euros per person


Read what one satisified customer had to say:

"Riding out from La Cabriola in early May is truly magical. Springtime in this part of Southern Spain is spectacular and being on horseback among the swathes of flowers is unforgettable. Scarlet poppies run riot with deep gold and white daisies, dark crimson vetchling straggles across the tall white weeds. The colours sparkle and reflect in the clear running water. As we criss-cross through the water white egrets flap up, tiny birds quarrel in the rustling bamboo, hooves splash on the pebbles – riding through the river is a treat not to be missed, even if you do get a shower in the process! Then we canter along the dirt tracks under the dappled shade of the swaying eucalyptus trees, hoof beats resonating on the dry earth, tack jingling. And all at once Kalle leads us away from the water and the horses are climbing higher, up a steep slope and on to the open space and shorter grass of rolling hillsides. I never cease to marvel at the sure footedness of the Andalucian horses, their calm acceptance of any terrain and their willingness to walk out. The views from here are truly breathtaking in the clear air, you feel literally on top of the world."

If you feel you'd like to stay in the area and enjoy more riding with us, we now offer accommodation with riding hours included – just contact us and we'll give you more information