Our Horses


Alegre is a pure Andalucian gelding, At 12 years old he is still dapple grey but gone whiter with age like all his Spanish relatives. His looks and paces are spectacular, and his character is happy and full of spirit. At the same time he is steady and sensible out on the rides. Riding a pure Andalucian horse is something you shall never forget


At just four years old Zorro is the youngster of Rancho Bravo, currently in training and only ridden by Kalle. He is extremely well bred and will be truly exceptional when he is more mature. He has been handled gently, loves people and has a very kind temperament. Still learning his job, out on rides he is fast, spirited and honest – the black ace of all the horses!


Bullet, the bay gelding may not be as spectacularly beautiful as the stallions but everyone who rides him comes back smiling. The fastest of our horses, at 10 years old he is extremely fit and loves to gallop – he'd do it all day if he could. He loves a good scratch and a treat.


Caramelo, our other gelding, is 19 years young! He may be getting on in age, but physically he's still a little athlete, forward going, and raring to go and beat the youngsters in a gallop. A fun and safe ride for lighter riders.