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About Us

"Ride with Me La Cabriola" is run by Karl Stjernstrom

Kalle who came originally from Sweden and has worked with horses for most of his life started "Ride with Me S.L" In 2001. Kalle's first memories are of riding bareback on his uncle's farm-and he has been long interested in the natural horsemanship of Monty Roberts and his followers. He worked as a guide for various companies in different countries before settling in Spain and starting up on his own – Enjoy the life of these wonderful animals in the best environment you can imagine.The freedom of the Andalusian countryside.

You can hack out from ride with me for hours, exploring mountaines terrain and old Roman roads, enjoying unspoilt nature, and spectacular views around the small white village of Casarabonela riding beautifuly natured, sure footed Andalucian horses.

For more excitement, there are lots of tracks to follow in canter and open spaces where you can let the horses gallop. Each season brings something new to wonder at and the views are spectacular all year round.

Kalle, Joined forces with Andres Rubio in Casarabonela in 2012, Andres has adopted and developed the true cultural and social vehicle of Andalusia Equestrian Heritage, such as High School horsemen training, Technical training in areas concerned with the horse and its taming and the selection of Pure Spanish Breed Horses. Over the years the circumstances and locations have changed but the riding offered has always been something special.–.

We are now offering self catering riding holidays taylor made to suit your groups, in the small village of Casarabonela a 5 min walk to our ranch and 2 min walk to local shops, ventas and restaurants, Min booking 2 people. send me an email for more information.

Our horses and tack are not suitable for smaller riders so we can't take out children under 12 years and ask that younger riders should have at least three years' riding experience and be at least 145cm in height.

Please be aware that you ride at your own risk (You have to arrange your own insurance). You should bring suitable footwear (boots with a heel are best). And bring your own riding hat if you prefer to wear one (though we can lend you one).